Saturday, 30 March 2013

gouache on card 42.5 x 29. 8 cm 
or 16.4 x 11. 3/4 inches

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  1. This is quite something. Look at that glowing gold back there behind the encryption. Looks like encryption to me, various kinds of encryption, with two messages stacked on the bottom meant to throw off the enemy....

    Really, though, this is a winner.

    Such an unlikely mixture of soft and hard. The "encryption" is hard. The "messages" at the bottom are soft. Again, though, not to be broken record, but I can't help it!: The scale, Vincent, the scale is exquisite. So too the way the edges are part of the picture. But then, they always are when the scale is right.

    I will stop now and force myself not to talk about the color.